15 Words for 15 Days

  1. Passport. Airplane. Are we there yet? Dachau. Munich. Beer. Nice to meet you. Novotel.
  2. Sleeping Beauty. Turnstile. St. Peter’s. Cuckoo Clock. River surfing. English Garden. Beer. Butchered German. Gelato.
  3. Crystal toilets. Mozart Balls. Almdudler. Innsbruck. Statue people. Vipiteno. Adriano. Laughter. Pizza. Cramped space. Bidet.
  4. Sinking city. “Whispers”. Glass blowing. Views. Lost. Book staircase. Cat obsession. Gondola. Champagne. Rainstorm. Gnochetti.
  5. Star-crossed lovers. Rock beach. LiDL. Dinner picnic. Alps. Storm watching. Rain dancing. Double bed.
  6. Pilatus. Luge. Freezing to burning up. Cheese grater soap. Old castle wall. Rivella. Seesaw. Limoncello.
  7. Happy birthday Emily. Train. Free CD. Boat snooze. Champagne bath. Eiffel Tower sunset. Twinkle lights.
  8. Chris and his bucket hat. Best macarons. Crepe chocolat noir avec amandes. Stuffy Versailles. Catacombs.
  9. Locks. Notre Dame. Bookstore magic. Marcus Chotiner. Mona. L’Arc. What was that? Mere Catherine.
  10. Traffic. Eurostar. Buckingham Palace. Brick Lane. Wind and skirts. Telephone boxes. Hung, Drawn, and Quartered.
  11. Cathedral. Westminster. The Queen. Yoda. Sunflowers. Free rings. Rosetta Stone. 221b. Abbey Road. Pub crawl.
  12. Street Art. Falafel. Indian food. Amazing Race. Platform 9 3/4. Nausea. Night ferry.
  13. Time change. Waffles. Prostitutes. Canals. Amstel on the Amstel. Anne Frank. Amsterdammed. Ice cups melt.
  14. Cold and rainy. I amsterdam. Van Gogh. Oversized omelette. Churros. Dutch manners. Kipsate. Boom Chicago.
  15. Breakfast bags. Bus. Four hours early. Connecting flight. Four movies. Okay lunch. Bad dinner. Home.IMG_0863

One Comment Add yours

  1. RyanC says:

    Awesome photos – looks like a great time!


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