The Never-Ending Thank You Note

Four years of undergrad is a long time. I am definitely not the same person who arrived on campus at 18. That girl was naive and much more closed-minded than she liked to admit. A lot of people and experiences have helped me grow into who I am today. There’s no way it could ever be complete, but here’s a list of things I am thankful to have encountered during my time here at UD.

Starting at the beginning…

Thank you to the rape trail, Dickinson E, and Katie Brooke Gordon for making my freshman year experience. Thank you for re-introducing me to Taylor Swift. Your tumblr account information will die with me. You’re welcome for making you watch movies and listen to good music.

Thank you to Ryan Roder for playing Mario Cart with me during our first week of college. Thank you for Therapy Thursdays.

Thank you to John Costa for helping me pass chemistry. And letting me judge you.

Thank you to UDance for teaching me humility. For showing me that even I can make a difference. For giving me perspective on my own life and how lucky I am.

Thank you to Sigma Alpha for making me a professional woman in agriculture. For giving me the ability to make so many amazing friends. For turning me into a leader. For giving me confidence. For teaching me grace.

Thank you to 74, 111, 244, and 715. The numbers that don’t need street names. Places that I experienced so many firsts. Places that brought the people I love together. (RIP to the lovesac)

Thank you to the North Campus bridge for always seeming a mile long. The reason I was barely ever home when I lived in the Towers.

Thank you to Townsend for all the late nights that I wasn’t technically supposed to spend there.

Thank you to the veterinary books in the stacks that coincidentally became my finals study spot.

Thank you to the random kid who asked if I was okay and came back with a water bottle for me the day I decided to take a nap on the floor of the library during finals.

Thank you to the security guards who have had to chase me out of Club Morris more than once.

Thank you to Harrington for being the ultimate all-nighter location. Even though I’m definitely not supposed to be there. Thank you to my RA pals who let me in when it’s locked.

Thank you to White Clay for being there when I need nature and the sound of running water. For being my escape when I need to clear my head.

Thank you to 127 for turning a house into a home. For making trivia a weekly thing and winning a lot of free dinner.

Thank you to Erin Birmingham for being one of my first friends at UD and becoming a roommate, sister, and friend for life.

Thank you to Kimmy Hildreth for proving that it’s possible to balance work and play.

Thank you to Haley Nelson for living in the library with me. And our house. Also thank you for dealing with my mood swings.

Thank you Meghan Barnes for being someone I can laugh with about how we definitely do not have it all together. Thank you for being my late night study buddy and for getting Wawa way too often. And for having the cutest corgi pup despite the fact that his name is Henry.

Thank you to my New Zealand study abroad group for being there for the adventure of a lifetime. Thank you for exploring with me. For becoming kiwis for a month.

Thank you to my fellow UDaBbers for proving to me that our generation is not a lost one.

Thank you to Alexis Trench for being my RA even though you’re not. For always lending an ear. And for always being down to get lit. Ain’t no bitch.

Thank you to Matthew Shaub for sitting on a stump with me and accidentally becoming one of my best pals. Thank you for porch nights. Thank you for introducing me to your mom because I love her.

Thank you to Alex Gargiso for always being a pal. For surviving 2 years of UDance repping together. And for always offering to punch people who piss me off and fireman carrying me home when I’m a belligerent pain in the butt. Love you/hate you buddy.

Thank you to Lexie Law for telling me to work with you. I hate you and I love you for that.

Thank you to Jennifer Strube-Sukovich for following me to this place we call home. Thank you for understanding me when no one else does. For being my person. Til the world explodes.

Thank you to Chris for the countless number of drinks I’ve been served at Kate’s. Thank you for being there to vouch for me when the bouncers don’t like my bent out of state ID. And for revealing that people call you “Tophe” because that is unfortunate and hilarious.

Thank you to Kate’s, Rooney’s, Deer Park, and Grottos for being the reason why I had to defend my college student status every time a stamp won’t wash off my hand before work the next day.

Thank you to the random Public Safety guy who became mine and Meg’s free uber ride home from the bar.

Thank you to the Green for being a place of reflection. A place to do work, a place to read, to think, to hang out between classes. To have a picnic with friends.

Thank you to all of the people who made my last few weeks as a Blue Hen just as magical as my first few weeks. I won’t forget you.

Thank you, UD, for the countless memories that I will cherish for a long time. I’ll always be a Blue Hen, and I will be back.

~Blue Hens Forever~


(p.s. Thank you Brian Griffiths for being a super cool human and taking my grad pics.)


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