Oh Look, A _____!

Fill in the blank with bridge if you’re Sam, cabin if you’re Meghan.

Together, our distracted selves managed to avoid being hit by an 18-wheeler. Just barely.

Our week-long southern road trip was cut short by vet school interviews, and we ended up heading in the complete opposite direction from what we had originally planned.

Thursday, we headed out to Ricketts Glen State Park. Unfortunately, the big attraction at the park is the Falls Trail, which was closed due to icy conditions, but we did explore the Grandview Trail and part of the Old Bulldozer Road Trail.

On our way to Ithaca, we made a pit stop in the little town of Dushore, Pennsylvania. We found surprisingly good cheesesteaks at MaryBeth’s WestSide Deli.

We missed the turn for the driveway the first time because it just kind of snuck up on us in the dark, but after a u-turn a little further down the road, we settled into our cottage for the night. It was adorable, and had a beautiful view of the lake in the morning. If anybody is looking for an Airbnb in the area, I seriously recommend Wylie’s place.

After a saying goodbye to our mini dream house, we found Sunset Grill. I completely agree with the review I found before we decided to go there – don’t let the fact that it shares a parking lot with a gas station and a liquor store fool you. Good food, good service, great view. Meh coffee. I had 6 cups anyway.

With a few flurries beginning to fall, we were off to start our day. We parked at the Taughannock Falls Overlook and made our way around the Ridge Trail. It’s not an adventure if you don’t break a few rules in the process.

From there, we decided to make a pit stop at Robert H. Treman State Park. Despite the fact that most of the trails were blocked off because of icy conditions by the waterfall, we didn’t regret making the stop. You can make it just far enough on the Ridge Trail to see Lucifer Falls.

We also checked out Buttermilk Falls before we left for the day, but it was a quick visit, and we didn’t actually cross the street to see if any of the trails were open. We needed to start heading home. The saddest part of the day was our unsatisfying choice for linner – Bowmanstown Diner made us feel unwelcome from the second we walked in because we weren’t local regulars.

Let’s just say we were happy to be on the road again, especially because the light at the end of the tunnel included a baby corgi.





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