I Don’t Want to Sit Still, Look Pretty

When I started my blog, one of the first challenges that I faced was figuring out what to call it. How do you summarize yourself or the goals of your blog in just a few characters? As a natural over thinker, it took a while. I finally settled on one that explains two fundamental aspects of who I am and what makes me feel happy. Fall has always been my favorite season – all of the colors, the crisp air. Those afternoons when it’s not too hot or too cold. The smell of rain on days like that can leave me in perfect bliss; those are my favorite days to run. As a true South Jerseyan, going to the shore has always been a staple of my summer. Sometimes I take for granted the fact that I live a block away from the beach, but after a summer away from it, I can attest that nothing quite compares to the feeling of the sand between your toes, and I have yet to find anything comparable to the unbelievable feeling of insignificance that staring into the ocean gives you.

This project allowed me to identify the simple pleasures that have the ability to completely change my mood, but it also allowed me to explore deeper into myself and what makes me who I am:

I don’t know my own favorite color. It changes with the wind.

I believe that there is too much beautiful music to limit yourself to one genre, but I do believe in changing the station based on your mood or the weather.

I like to read books about the difficult topics like rape and the Holocaust, but I can’t really explain why. Maybe it has to do with the emotion behind this kind of writing. I guess realistic/historical fiction is my genre.

I have full conversations with my pets.

I talk to myself out loud.

I care too much, and because of this I overcommit.

I’m protective of my heart – you won’t find it anywhere near my sleeve.

I’m fiercely independent, and sometimes this translates into me being aggressive about not accepting help from others even when I’m drowning. But it also means that I’m not the kind of girl you need to pamper. I’m not afraid to get dirty. I want to go on hikes to waterfalls and run in the rain. I’ve always been up for a game of wiffle ball. There’s a really good chance it’s gonna take me a while to remove sand from all the crevices it found when I rolled around on the beach. I value an extra five to ten minutes of beauty sleep more than using that time for artificial primping.


I care about my studies and I have ambitious goals. Sometimes, they scare me. But I have the confidence in myself that I’ll figure it out eventually. My parents always taught me that I’m capable of anything so long as I’m willing to put in the work.

I know who I am, and I like being me. Here’s to the girl who’s not so quiet once you get to know her.


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