A Reflection on the Fall I Tried To Do It All

I often tell people that each college semester is actually equivalent to a year in regular people time. So much happens. You meet so many new people. You develop new ideas. You become a completely new and improved version of yourself. This past semester has been simultaneously the best and worst semester of my college career. I took on a lot of hard classes while still attempting to balance extracurricular activities and a social life. I spent nights ripping my hair out and wanting to just give up and become a potato. I also spent nights laughing with beautiful people, both new and old alike.

This semester is the first time that I’ve had a new roommate. While I miss the friends I used to live with and I regret that we don’t necessarily see each other as often as I would like, we’re always able to pick up right where we left off. Because Therapy Thursdays will never die. No matter what day it is or what we have to call it.

And the amazing soul that has taken over the position of sleeping fifteen feet from me is truly an angel. For having the patience to deal with my mood swings. And letting me vent about what’s causing me stress. And listening to me cry about people who clearly don’t care enough to actually matter. You’re the real MVP, EBM.

Shoutout to my hoodrats, who I’m really not sure I would have survived without. You guys manage to like me when I don’t really like myself, and you take care of me when I forget to take care of myself.

I did a lot this semester. I learned that battleship is not just a board game. I got really muddy. I finally figured out how to use a microscope. I pretended to be an effective member of a flag football team. I stressed out over exams. I hung out with my Hero. I went canning! I watched friends turn 21. I won Sister of the Week and felt the love of my sorority sisters. I watched friends get outsmarted by a child lock. I stressed out about more exams. I found some fresh air at retreat. I sat around a campfire talking about life. I worked out. I became Janis Ian for a night. I was a dancing scarecrow. I got John Cena’d and nose flicked too many times because I’m gullible. I fed goats and cleaned out gardens. I got pretty heated during a dodgeball tournament. I met the friendliest cat. I made a new really good friend. I smashed pumpkins. I blew bubbles. I watched the sun set. I went on hikes. I got my feet really dirty at formal. And then I stressed out about some more exams.

Then I got so distracted with the holidays and the exciting adventure ahead of me that I forgot to publish this post. It’s hard to believe that I have less college semesters to come than college semesters that have passed. Time flies when you’re having fun.


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