Inhale salt air, exhale stress.

Earlier this semester, I was asked to describe a secret spot of mine that gives me a sense of place. Somewhere I like to escape to in order to think, clear my head, or just get a few minutes of down time. To breathe. Slow down. Naturally, my thoughts went to the places I’ve always gone to when I need to get away. The bench right by the dock on the inlet on the road to the bible conference. The bay right down the street. This is actually the location I ended up writing about. I love being able to go there and just breathe in some salty fresh air, and feel my body instantly relax. I tend to close my eyes and take in the breeze. That’s also an amazing location to watch the sun set in a haze of colors.

I’ve actually gone home and sat on the dunes more than once this semester. My mom called me and asked for an ETA of when I would be home because I hadn’t even bothered to stop home before I pulled over to sit in the sand and soak in the magnificence of the ocean. I had been down the street for a half hour and not even noticed the time passing. That day I watched the sun set in the wrong direction because the clouds were reflecting all of the colors from the scene over the bay. This semester has been a stressful collection of hard classes, homework, new friendships, changed feelings, and it has been difficult trying to balance it all. But when I go here, I have no distractions. It’s just me and the vastness of the ocean. I can sort out my thoughts. I always leave with sand in my shoes and a weight lifted off my shoulders.

This is why I’m counting down to the end of finals. No more work. No more stress or responsibilities for a few days. And I can escape to my spot.


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